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Episode 3: What have I got in my Pocket?

Gollum: "Yes, what does the tricksy have in his pocket my Preciousss? Does he have my Birthday Present? He is a liar and a thief and he stoles it from us!"

Me: Relax Gollum, I don't have your precious, *pulls out wallet* I have Myyyyyy precious in my pocket. Now go eat some Sashimi and leave me alone."

Gollum: "What's Sashhhimi my Precioussss? Is it tasty?"

Me: Oh yes, it is very tasty... it's cut up raw fish, you'll love it. Now go away. Oh and stay away from strange little people and volcanos."

Gollum "We's get raw tasty fish! Huzzah!"*Gollum dances with joy and then runs off*

Well, rings of power aside, one of the most powerful things that you can ever have in your pocket is a good personal survival kit. For no matter where you go, or what you do, you will always have the basics for survival nearly everywhere as close as your pocket or purse.

Now, many people may be tempted to shove almost everything they can into their poor pockets. And sure, you can stuff a lot of things in those little fabric compartments. But it is uncomfortable, difficult (and sometimes even PAINFUL) to sit in, and weighs you down... and that isn't very productive or good survival at all.

No, a good pocket survival kit should be no bigger than a good wallet. In fact, you can turn your wallet INTO a pocket survival kit. Most bi-fold and tri-fold wallets have three main compartments you can turn into areas to put small survival gear. The Money slot, credit card slots, and the inside pockets under the folds. You can place several essential pieces of survival gear in here without adding much bulk, weight, or discomfort to your normal life.

In the inside pockets you can place an alcohol swab, and a book of matches. Both are very good pieces of survival gear. In the money slot, you can place several blank bank slips and checks (NOT SIGNED!!). They can be useful at any time whenever you are, but in an emergency the backs can be used as makeshift paper to write notes and maps, and in a pinch they can be good firestarting tinder.

As for the credit card slot, well not too much can really fit in there easily, but, if you want to spend a little money for a lot of usefulness, you can always buy a credit card sized multi-tool.

Available for mere dollars, a credit card sized multi-tool can be your best friend in almost any situation ESPECIALLY survival situations. You want to go with models that are all one piece, made of solid metal not plastic, and don't have a bunch of removable little knives and toothpicks, tweezers ect. Because usually these are poorly made and tend to come loose when going through rough terrain (and a loose knife or toothpick is VERY painful in your pocket!).
Also a small size and low weight are good qualities for this to have since you will be carrying it around in your wallet all day. Here is a good example of a nice credit card sized multi-tool.

Now, besides the wallet, another place you can put a good piece of survival gear that you will have with you every day and always on hand is the humble keychain. Not only is it a handy way to keep all your keys in one place it is ALSO a very good place to put survival gear. The simplist and most common thing to put on a key chain is a pocket knife or swiss army knife. And having either of these things on hand is an excellent idea. But if you want to pay a little more, you can also get a good multi-tool that is small and light enough to put on a keychain that isn't much larger than the old reliable swiss army knife.

Something like this...

Can be an invaluable thing to have on you at all times. But whatever you decide to put on your keychain, keep the following in mind... it should be fairly small and light. It should DEFINITLY have no sharp edges and rounded corners. And it should have not awkwardly moving parts or loose sharp things. Try to find something that feels good both in the hand and in the pocket and has solid construction.

With these things in your pocket, not even a dark lord can ruin your chances of survival *pulls out a small gold ring*. Now if you will excuse me, I have a ring to destroy.

*Gollum rushes in*

Gollum: "AHA! Tricksy Rodshark, I knew you stoled my precioussss. Give it too meeee!"

Me: "Oh bother" *puts the ring on and disappears* Until next time on Good Survival.
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