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good_survival's Journal

Good Survival (a "Good Eats" style survival comm)
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A geeky scientific look at the art of survival and being prepared
Welcome to the lj community "Good Survival", a geeky scientific look at the art of survival and being prepared!

This community is designed to provide its viewers with tips, tricks, methods, and other skills that can make survival (in almost any situation) much easier.

The community is open to anyone who wants to learn about survival, who has a question, or who has something to share. But there are a few community rules I would appreciate if everyone followed.

1: No flaming, harassing, or attacking other members. If you disagree with something, then please disagree and present your view in an intelligent, reasonable manner.

2: Please post things that are related to survival/emergency preparation only. Posting pictures, Linking to other sites, advertising a certain piece of equipment, or service is all acceptable as long as it is survival related.

3: Any large, or multiple pictures should be placed behind a cut. As should any entry more than 3 paragraphs long.

Thats it! Hope you enjoy the community and find the tips, tricks, and information it contains to be useful. Take care and be safe out there.

I plan on updating the site every Wednesday at around 7pm (central time).